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RDLCPrinter is a library for RDLC LocalReport. You can use by exemple with SQL Server dataset.

With RDLCPrinter class, you can export your report to PDF, Word or PNG Image... A WPF Preview control is include in this package and some usefull control!

What RDLCPrinter Include

  • RDLCPrinter This powerful class encapsulates a LocalReport with a lot of functionnality (ex: export to pdf, print, image decoder,,,)
  • RDLCReportViewer WPF RDLC report viewer usercontrol for previewing report, zoom, print or export them in various file format (PDF, Word, Excel, PNG)
  • RDLCPrinterDialog WPF dialog use with RDLCPrinter class for printing... You can by exemple select the printer or page range
  • LightIntergerSpinner Light WPF usercontrol for spinning number with some useful functionnality
  • LightDoubleSlider Light WPF usercontrol for using with RDLCPrinter class (demo will come soon)




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